Michael Zehender

Born, Sept. 7th 1985

Thank you for your interest about the author of this blog. I’m Michael Zehender and I work at IN-AUT Intelligent Automation Solutions GmbH where I bear the responsibility of the CTO. This is my personal blog that is entirely independent from IN-AUT. My articles and my comments are my own and don’t necessarily represent my employers position, strategies or opinions.

I am also a student at the Technical University of Vienna. I’ve just begun to study technical mathematics. That is because I recently became very interested in mathematics, thus leading me to study some more.

I am also very successful as a software craftsman in my professional career. My main focus lies on systems within the telecommunications business but I recently also streamlined my energy on general purpose middleware to let different systems coordinate each other efficiently.

I might be young but I started my career when I was 16. I was still at school at that time but I’ve begun to work as a programmer along the way. I deeply care about the things I do, therefore I’m always ambitious to get a result that I can be proud of.

I know that perfection can’t be reached, nevertheless I strive for it. This can be seen as an attempt to resemble a sequence where the limit value is the perfection. In other words I’ll always try to improve. I hope this is reflected by this journal.